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"I have known Katie Barretta for 5-6 years now and since have become aware of her powerful gifts of healing. Katie is a seeker of wisdom, spirituality and health and believes in humanity's ability to develop intention through ritual and practice to invoke blessings from visualization and universal awareness.

Katie is knowledgeable of herbal remedies and healing properties while also having heightened senses for guidance and understanding of our unknown universal dimensions. Katie facilitates ones own ability to self correct and manifest through love, belief and discipline.  

Katie is grounded, practical, youthful and wise beyond her years. Her continued cultivation and development in spiritual and herbal medicine will make her one of the leading guides, seers and healers in our world today."  - Amana

"Kt's theta healing supported me during a time in my life where I felt a lot of mental disorder and an inability to take action and get space/break from an unhealthy relationship. I was set to go and stay with this partner indefinitely 3 days before Kt's first healing session. I felt helpless in that I had known for a long time that I needed to do something different and get away from this person, but I felt a real emotional pull towards them and could not end things. I felt that I was able to be honest with Kt and that she provided a judgement free space. This was very important for me because although I knew at the moment that I could not continue with my partner, I loved them very much. Kt was very understanding and positive. She helped me to see a number of reasons why I felt unable to break away from this person and after the first healing session, I felt an immense amount of power and made the decision to not go and stay with my partner. It was one of the hardest decisions I've had to make, but with Kt's support through theta healing I would say that this really helped me to do what was right for me in that moment; to listen to my instincts and act on them. I feel like the healings were a real wake up call for me. " - Davi

"My experience during my session receiving Theta Healing was absolutely outstanding, because Katie Barretta was able to transport me directly to a new dimension, where everything was nice and calm, a place where my mind was quite relax and a place where I was able to recover my faith in good things and nice thoughts. 

We did the Theta Healing 2 weeks ago and after that my life have changed immensely, many of the problems treated there have become situations and little by little I have started to resolve them. 

Thanks so much for letting me have this experience with you and have shared with me. 

You are an amazing healer Katie. Thank you!" - Daniela Tovar

"KT's healing and manifestation techniques are fast, effective and powerful. I sought out theta healing to help me release strong emotions during a time of transition and grief. After our session I felt light and empowered. My wish for a new meaningful job was manifested within a few weeks, and every day I feel more aligned to my life path. I highly recommend KT as a theta healing practitioner." - Emily B

"Katie did a theta healing on me and it was truly amazing. I recommend her to anyone open and interested in alternative healing modes from the western medical model as it exists today. Her visualization work is powerful, she takes you on a journey inside yourself to better understand blockages that may be occurring that you were unaware of prior. Her grounded energy and perspective always make me feel better with whatever I am dealing with and choose to bring to the table that day. She is truly in tune with deeper ways of being and her insight allows me to release any control, anxiety or stress that do not serve me in positive ways. This approach coupled with her medicinal herbal tinctures always has me in the right direction. In fact, my boyfriend tried her energy mixture and he was amazed at how well it worked! I highly recommend and encourage you to reach out to Katie." - Erica WD

"Katie is amazing! She really helped me during some hard times. Through counseling and theta healing, Katie helped me with my depression and anxiety. She has given me tools which allow me to continue my healing on my own. She is extremely easy to talk to and I always feel very comfortable sharing personal aspects of my life with her. Katie is exactly the alternative mental health transformation I was looking for. I have recommended her to many of my friends. I also love all of Katie's herbal remedies! They are very helpful in assisting in the healing process. I especially like her Stress Less formula!" - Kiley

"She has personally helped me with many physical, metaphysical, and spiritual ailments. On the physical level, her homemade tinctures, balms, and teas have helped me relieve joint and muscle pain, seasonal allergies, fatigue, asthma, and colds.  On the metaphysical and spiritual level, she's helped me manifest a home for myself in under a month through a personalized theta healing. I had traumatically and unexpectedly been pushed out of a stable living situation and was too angry to focus on finding a new place. Katie helped me visualize my current home, helped me clear my anger to gain the momentum to begin the search, and infused me with her faith that it would happen.  I've known Katie for nearly 7 years.  In that time, I've witnessed her develop and grow her innate gift of healing. She cares deeply about peoples wellbeing and has the vision to see how she can help." - Mwende

"I had one Theta Healing session with Katie and it was an experience I was not expecting. Through working together, she would constantly answer my questions about all the things she knew about the practice and healing. Katie was incredibly informative and obviously incredibly passionate about it. From talking, she thought I could benefit from a session as I was going through some life transitions and dealing with some personal issues. We went to an outdoor setting, she wanted to make sure I felt safe and comfortable with the environment. We then talked through the different things I'd like healing from and she provided me with a warm heart and open spirit. 

It was an incredible journey and I was not expecting to get out of it what I did. Katie taught me a lot about myself and the power of the mind. Not only did she clear my mind of various things, but she left me with tools to help me along my journey and further my own practice of mediation.

Thanks Katie! You're amazing and I'm so glad I got to work with such a loving spirit." - Christina L.