Katie Barretta - ktbarretta@yahoo.com - (925) 818-8218

Hi, my name is Katie. I am a healer, teacher, guide, creator, medicine maker, shaman, and lifetime student of herbalism and alchemy. I am an intermediary and wayshower of sorts, walking between worlds of spirit and matter.

In my early years I always felt at home in nature, and was very happy amongst the plants and animals. I grew up with a lot of questions about the world and the way things work. Along the way, various traumas, struggles, and experiences became potent teachers and catalysts for me. My seeking and wondering brought me into the field of metaphysics to study these great mysteries, leading to my awakening, and eventually aligning me back toward my true nature and connection with source.

As for my more formal education, I earned my bachelor's degree at UC Santa Cruz in 2011, with a double major in Art and Psychology. After a few years of work in the non-profit world, I returned to school, and completed my Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner in 2015 at San Francisco State University. I then went on to continue my studies in Herbalism at Ohlone Herbal Center, where I became certified to practice Therapeutic Herbalism. I am also certified to practice several forms of Energy Work, including Reiki and ThetaHealing™. In addition, I have studied with many shamanic healers and mystics throughout the years, learning to walk the path of heart and truth. 

I work with my clients to empower them through difficult times, providing them with the healing and tools to create transformation in their lives. The work that I do helps to provide clarity, harmonize mind, body and spirit, provide support and motivation, clear and release emotional and psychological blockages, relieve pain, and release trauma, creating a bridge between where clients are and where they would like to be in life. 

It is my privilege and honor to assist others on their own evolutionary journeys, in an effort to bring the world into a state of greater freedom, peace, joy, happiness, inspiration, harmony and love.